What kind of toy is the best for your children?

Choosing suitable toys for children can be very challenging nowadays, because the assortment is too wide. Therefore, parents are confronted by difficult choice.

What kind of toy is the best for your children?

Don't you know what will make your little angel most happy and do you want to give him the best? Primarily, you have to think about two basic groups of toys: wooden versus plastic toys. This is the main division. Each of these products has its pros and cons, so today we will look at what is best for your children.

Advantages and disadvantages of natural material

Little people need to constantly research something and develop their imagination. Wooden toys are absolutely ideal for this. In addition, it is a harmless, natural material that does not release any toxins, does not cause allergies and you can keep calm when the child puts it in his mouth. They are not so detailed, but they will definitely not get broken. However, you have to also take into account that they are heavier and more expensive than the artificial ones.

Advantages and disadvantages of plastic

Plastic toys are popular with parents because they are much cheaper and they can be found in every store. Easy maintenance and low weight are also their advantages. On the other hand, they are relatively fragile. You surely know that plastic does not last long and cracks in the event of a major impact. So you will probably buy a large number of new pieces, because they simply will not last too long. Unfortunately, some toys may also contain toxins, as most of them come from Asia.

Ecological footprint of playing of our children

Do you care about family satisfaction and nature, as well? Choose wood. It is recyclable, high quality and will last for ages. Low-quality plastic products will soon end up in landfills, where they will definitely do nothing good for environment. Natural material is not only a better option for nature itself, but also for your kids who play with it. However, it pays to invest in quality.

Beech is a great material and little discoverers connect with nature thanks to it. It lasts forever and do not cause allergies. It is a very hard type of material that can withstand even careless handling without having to worry about breaking it. In addition, handmade pieces are amazing for the development of imagination and logical thinking.