Planting beech seeds

Ecology has recently become an increasingly declined word in many ways. One of them is the topic of planting new trees and restoration of forests, both coniferous and deciduous. Our nature definitely deserves better care. The forest ecosystem is very important for humans, in many ways. And that's why planting new trees is a step for the better.

Reforestation as a step in the right direction

Reforestation is definitely step in the right direction. It serves as a replacement for the existing forest and leads to the regeneration of nature. Therefore, planting new trees becomes the number one topic and various organizations are being set up for this purpose.

Planting beech seeds

Forest beech is also a popular choice for planting. It is a domestic species, so it is very successful in our conditions. As it is a larger tree, it needs enough space to grow. And how is beech seeds planted? Beech seeds should be left soaked in water for at least 24 hours before sowing and then stored in the refrigerator for 2-3 months. This process is technically called stratification. Subsequently, the beech seeds are sown in the steamed substrate and covered with a sufficient layer of soil. The substrate must be kept moist all the times. Beech can germinate for up to several months. It grows to a height of 20 - 30 meters and has small flowers.

Benefits for man

Nature has many benefits for man, and therefore it pays to take care of it in all aspects. It is a place where we go to relax. In fact, it offers you kind of ecosystem services. Its value is, among other things, historical and aesthetic. The trees then not only provide us with a better climate - they clean the air, limit wind speed and at the same time maintain water and thus prevent floods.


Investing time and money in restoring trees and planting them is definitely a step in the right direction. Trees reduce noise and create a perfect climate and a pleasant environment for humans. In addition, they also improve air quality, which is very desirable, especially in cities.