Do you need more small, hand-painted, wooden inhabitants for a house? Choose exactly the ones that suit you.

FAMILY OF SIX CHARACTERS More information  In stock FAMILY OF SIX CHARACTERS PACKAGE CONTENTS: mother character - 1 pc, dad character - 1 pc, little girl character - 1 pc, baby boy character - 1 pc, grandmother character - 1 pc, grandfather character - 1 pc. 33.40EUR
MOM More information  In stock MOM PACKAGE CONTENTS: hand painted figure mother - 1 pc. 6.52EUR
DAD More information  In stock DAD PACKAGE CONTENTS: hand painted figure dad - 1 pc. 6.52EUR
LITTLE GIRL More information  In stock LITTLE GIRL PACKAGE CONTENTS: hand-painted little girl character - 1 pc. 6.52EUR
BABY BOY More information  In stock BABY BOY PACKAGE CONTENTS: hand painted baby boy character - 1 pc. 6.52EUR
GRANDMA More information  In stock GRANDMA PACKAGE CONTENTS: hand-painted grandmother figure - 1 pc. 6.52EUR
GRANDPA More information  In stock GRANDPA PACKAGE CONTENTS: hand-painted figure grandfather - 1 pc. 6.52EUR