MARBLES BOARD GAME More information  In Stock 7 pc MARBLES BOARD GAME The aim of this game is to collect all the marbles of your color and then get back to your shelter to the collected marbles as quickly as possible. Rules of the game: First, we randomly place all the colored balls in the… 41.56EUR
GODI WOODEN KIT - 96 PARTS More information pohádka zdarma  In Stock 6 pc GODI WOODEN KIT - 96 PARTS Godi is a simple beech kit. It consists of large rounded cubes with wooden plugs, from which really big things can be built. The cubes fit together easily and even though their shape is simple, they can be used to build many… 163.96EUR
BUKO WOODEN KIT - SET 3 in 1 137 PARTS More information  In Stock 9 pc BUKO WOODEN KIT - SET 3 in 1 137 PARTS A windmill, a small church with a clock on the tower and a medieval castle can be built from this set. But in reality, the 3 in 1 set hides many more buildings. All you have to do is involve your creativity and imagination… 61.16EUR
BUKO WOODEN KIT - SMALL HOUSE - FLOOR PLAN 209 PARTS More information pohádka zdarma  In Stock 11 pc BUKO WOODEN KIT - SMALL HOUSE - FLOOR PLAN 209 PARTS A cozy house for two wooden figures in hundred different ways? For children's imagination it will be a piece of cake. Thanks to its great variability, this kit will not get boring and children will create a lot of… 118.36EUR
TROXI WOODEN KIT - 71 PARTS More information  In Stock 3 pc TROXI WOODEN KIT - 71 PARTS The Troxi kit is designed not only for children but also for adults. Thanks to your imagination, you can discover a different way of composing each time, and for all ages it is a great way of fun, rest and relaxation. For… 37.96EUR
BUKO WOODEN KIT - SMALL CASTLE 295 PARTS More information pohádka zdarma  In Stock 3 pc BUKO WOODEN KIT - SMALL CASTLE 295 PARTS A fairytale castle, bridges, towers and many other original buildings can be built from this set. Let's leave it up to the children and their imagination. They will know exactly what they want to create in their fantasy… 137.52EUR
CHEERFUL STONES BOARD GAME More information  Out of Stock CHEERFUL STONES BOARD GAME Cheerful stones board game is for those who like quality wood and great fun. It's simple and children and adults will not be bored with this game. Rules of the game: The game can be played by 2-4 players aged 3-100. First,… 41.96EUR
TOWN WOODEN KIT - 45 PARTS More information  In Stock 1 pc TOWN WOODEN KIT - 45 PARTS A simple and imaginative kit that even small children can easily use for building a town full of colors and trees, in which they can drive cars. Thanks to the easy insertion of individual pieces into each other and into the… 49.16EUR

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  • Festhry Trnava 7.-9.2. 2020

    Tento víkend se Makura podívá kousek za hranice do Trnavy na Festhry. Těšíme se na vás.

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    Rádi bychom vás pozvali k našim sousedům do Trnavy na FESTIVAL HIER, HRAČIEK A ZÁBAVY, který bude probíhat od 15-17. února v Městské sportovní hale. Budete si…

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    Pár momentek z letošního FOR KIDS 2018 :-) Jsme rádi, že se stavebnice líbily a rozdávaly radost i v Praze :-)

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Introducing the Makura construction kit. In the beginning, we had only an original idea in our heads, little experience in the field and a huge commitment. And with that we started out our journey into a world full of children's joy and smiles. From the beginning, we relied on quality handicrafts. Today, we have come a long way, we use new production processes, but we try to keep manual production as much as possible. We like to transfer energy and a little of ourselves into what we do. We have always followed the principle of producing only the products that were born in our heads. That is why you will only find toys with us that breathe originality and creativity. And because we value nature, you will find two beech seeds with each of our toys. We want not only to take from nature, but also to return.

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